Agents of Change change Cardiff wall’s surface…

August 10, 2009

That Remi Roughe and his mate Timid went to a wall in Cardiff and made it look much better, nice work from Ambassabor Roughe…

Agents Of Change in Cardiff from Agents Of Change on Vimeo.


Thanks for watching…

August 1, 2009

…the Cordy House video. There will be more to come… but for now I think I’ll paste up this Vhils video because I really like it…


A short on Street Art in London by me and Anthony Dickenson

July 30, 2009

A film I produced with director Anthony Dickenson featuring Britsh street artists Part2ism, Matty Small, Best Ever and more besides at Cordy House in London’s Old Street. What do you think of it?


1st Post: Rebel Sonix’s debut video is ‘Punishment’

July 29, 2009

Orright then, l’ll start as I mean to go on – a video, with associated letters that have been carefully arranged to form words. This first video is a first in itself from London’s bompinest Dub Step producer Rebel Sonix. You will find his myspace here – whoever this man is he’s a scientist on a mission to deep base. See what I did there? I swapped ‘space’ for ‘base’ for a pun is what I did. That’s my Mum on the ‘phone at the start.